Friday, June 17, 2005

I took our 10 month old cat to the vet's to have him neutered Monday. It turned out to be more trouble than I bargained for. He had to stay longer because he was biting himself down there, and when we picked him up at 6:30 PM, he had a collar around his neck to keep him away from the area. He was given antibiotics and pain pills to be administered at home. We got through it, and he is looking and feeling better now.

My problem is that he looks like he still has balls. I don't understand this, as this is why we had the operation in the first place. I'm going to examine him a little first, then call the vet's office to ask why he looks like they are still there. *sigh*

Well, we will be going to a movie tonight at church. They are trying to have a "drive-in" movie, even though it will be inside the gym. It should be interesting. They are showing "The Work and The Glory", which is about our church, but has been distributed in regular theatres. I've been wanting to see it, so that's good. The movie is supposed to start about 7PM, but knowing the church members who are running it, it will probably start at 7:30 PM. Afterwards, DH has said we can go home and have a marshmallow roast outside in our new firepit. I also have some hot dogs. It's going to be a cool night, like last night, so I am looking forward to it.

I'm probably making meatloaf for dinner.