Thursday, July 07, 2005

New Car?

Well, my DH got me all excited about possibly buying a new car for me, but tonight he told me it wasn't going to work out financially. We will be fixing up the 95 Plymouth Voyager. I hope it will last at least another year. It needs a new compressor for the A/C and the radio hasn't worked right for about a year now. Sometimes it will actually come on, and even then, it is short lived. I feel a little frustrated by it, but I guess it beats car payments. Most of our money is going into the house. Forget about the dreams of that new car smell, the nice radio, and the joy of driving something new. Oh, well. Maybe I will get a job after all. Then we could afford it.

We finally set up the patio cover and DH fixed the barbeque grill. We had the most delicious steak last night. I was so happy that he finally fixed it. We also used the chimnea burner for the first time last night. We bought it in early spring and it was too windy to use it then. Now it is kind of hot to be using it, but DD roasted marshmallows and DH is just trying to get rid of some wood that is taking up space in his garage.