Thursday, August 31, 2006

Back to Seminary

Saturday I woke up with the shakes. It was the first time since I've been diagnosed as having Diabetes type 2 that this has ever happened to me. It was dreadful. I decided then to fill my prescription for test strips. I don't like the glucose monitor I have right now. I used to have a one touch Ultra that was better, but I lost it in the house somewhere. Anyway, when I tested before dinner, it was 130, which is not low. They have these new guidelines, too, that have the normal range being lower than 110.

I have a new prescription called Metaformin that is supposed to help. I am trying to watch what I eat, but still have a hard time turning down sweets at church functions and all that. I am going to buy a Vita Mix, so I can make more nutritious soups and smoothies, but I am looking for a used one.

DD has started early morning Seminary again, and I pick up 2 of her friends along the way as well. We have to leave here at 5:45 AM. I really don't mind. One of the girls needs a ride to her high school afterward.

I am feeling okay this week. Hopefully I can get some exercise and really start to lose some of this weight.

If you are reading this, did you know that cockroaches are millions of years old?

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Sore subject

It's back to school time, and that's not the problem. My main concern is that I need to lose weight. I weigh too much and it's embarrassing when I meet people who haven't seen me in a while. One couple I have known for about 25 years had a hard time looking at me. I don't think they would have recognized me if I was not with my DH.

It's not just vanity. I have diabetes type 2, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. On top of that, right now I have become an insomiac. I have to stop staying up late (like right now) and get myself on a schedule. I've said it hear so I can reference it again later.

Some other goals: to obtain work, preferably at home work, but I would love a nice part time job working at the library. I love being there, and I love the Middletown library. Occasionally, they have new job postings that I could apply for, but right now the only one available is for a shelver at 6.81 per hr. I think DD should apply for it, because she could cut her teeth on her first job there. It would be a nicer place to work than McD's or the other fast food places.

Last year I thought about working at the local department stores for the holidays, but they require you to work weekends, which is out, because that is my quality time spent with DH and DD. The stores don't pay much, either - only about $7 per hour. I guess I'd be better off shelving books.

Then there is the local special needs school, which is within a mile of our house. They always need subs and TA's to work about 6 hours a day. I guess I should check that out, because I really don't mind working with kids.

I was going to work as an election judge, but I dropped out of that because of the 14 to 15 hours required to do the job. I know it is necessary for the same people to keep the books all day, but it is really too long a day for making less than $10 per hour. I think I was dead tired when I did it last year, and I felt a certain civic pride for doing it, but I want to take better care of myself this year. That, and I want to be working a regular job.

We are getting by on DH's paycheck, but it would be nice to have money to get my hair and nails done occasionally, to be able to fix some of the problems with this house - it needs new windows, it has never had a deck added off the dining room, and I really would love a sunroom on the deck. I would also like to save for a newer vehicle. The 1995 Plymouth Voyager is not going to last forever, and the windows are starting to leak a bit. I really want a camper van, an to sell the aliner, but DH wants a truck now. We can't afford one yet, though.

We have travel plans for September - to go to Assateague Island during Ocean City's sunfest. There will be kite flying and all kinds of fun. We will leave Friday, arrive about 3 to 4 hours later, walk the boardwalk, sleep over Friday night, and spend the day on Assateague's beach on Saturday.

Then in October, we will go to Swallows Falls near Deep Creek MD for their Autumn Glory days. The leaves should be in full color by then. I am looking forward to that, and we are closer to that area than we ever were when we lived in Baltimore.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Dog Dreams

Well, in the past week I've had 2 dreams about a dog. One dream felt so real that I accused DH of touching me with a pillow or something. It felt like a dog was walking over me in the bed to get to the middle of the bed. The only thing I saw in the dream (and felt) was a dog's leg that looked like a small German Shepherd.

Now, this past night I had a small glimpse, in a dream, of a small German Shepherd mix - the same kind of dog from the previous dream. He (or she) was on a lease, sitting, and smiling at me, with his tongue hanging out. The eyes were soulful and sweet.

Now I'm tempted to go to the pound to see if the darned dog is there, but I'm really not ready to adopt one just yet. DH needs to fence the backyard, and we don't have any extra money for vet bills and dog supplies.

I also never imagined myself with that particular breed. I want a smaller dog, a rat terrier perhaps, or some other small breed.

Then again, these are only 2 dreams. It doesn't mean I'll wind up with this kind of dog, but it seems odd that I've seen the same dog in 2 dreams. He or she won't be sleeping with us, at any rate.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Funny Hotel Reviews

I have been spending a great deal of time looking for a decent hotel room in Utah for an affordable price and I came across this gem for a Travelodge in Provo, UT:

Very friendly service, continental breakfast was excellent (JUICEBOXES!) and the room was great. Very clean and the haunted sink and screaming toilet gave the bathroom personality! Not sarcasim, I had a very enjoyable experience.

Best Feature: Bathroom
Needs Improvement: The Heater/AC

Traveler's Favorite Vacation Destination: Anywhere but Ogden

Okay, that sounds like they must have been on their honeymoon, since they were staying at a place in Provo, but lived in Ogden. What is sarcasim, anyway?

Here's a non sarcastic review of the same place:

We spent 2 nights but received no hskg service. Carpet was filthy. Drapes were torn and dirty. Faucet was broken. Plumbing was noisy, especially at night when we were trying to sleep.

Best Feature: hairdryer
Needs Improvement: Plumbing & Hskg.

I need to read the travel guides I borrowed from the library so I can call the hotel directly and get a good room rate. No, I won't be staying at the travelodge in Provo, though the plumbing sounds interesting.

PS. We aren't going to Utah until Easter 2007.

Oh, and we went to the White Family Reunion today in Mummasburg, when my Aunts and cousins, plus some friends of the family converge to share lunch on the ballfield. It was a nice day, thankfully, and not too hot. We hurried there, driving an hour to get there, set up the table with tablecloth, paper plates, cups and plasticware. Ate. Talked to people a little. Got tired and left after 2 hours of being there. Cousin Nancy stopped me to say goodbye and were there any changes in her family record sheet. I told her she spelled Laura's name wrong. Somehow it got changed to Laurie, and no one ever calls Laura that. I think it must have been a typing error.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Mermaids Can't take this heat!

I'm ready to move to Alaska, even though I don't know much about that state. Maybe I should think about Canada. Some parts must be cooler right about now. Heck, it's probably cooler in Oahu, where at least they get the island breezes and the temps don't go up to the 100's.

I don't know how I will feel when I retire, but I really don't like the hot summers anymore.