Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Lovely Island Vacation

The Island is only 3.5 hours away (if you're pulling a trailer and letting your slowpoke DH drive). It was Assateague Island, MD, and we had a wonderful one day vacation there, even if we did get very tired. I think we tried to do so much in that 24 hour window that we were there, but at least we now know what it is like to camp there, and we are anxious to spend some more time there this next summer, 2007.

We arrived later than we thought on Friday, the 22nd, set up out Aliner, and DH wanted to set it up with the awning so we would have some shade. I didn't really think it was necessary, but he felt it was because there are no trees there for shade. It took him a couple extra hours to do this, though. By the time he was finished it was closing in on 8 PM, and we had originally planned on walking on the boardwalk in Ocean City. Well, I decided it would be better to go out for a nice relaxing dinner at a seafood restaurant. We asked at the camp office and someone recommended The Captains Galley II, on the Inlet in OC. There was a place closer called the Assateague Crab House or something like that, but the peeps at the camp office warned us not to go there, so it must have been bad.

So we follow the directions and found the place without too much trouble. In the process of sitting there watching other diners, I saw a man with a yummy looking crabcake on his plate, so I just had to have one. I usually order crabcakes anyway, but this crabcake looked something like the ones at GMs (Cyggie, if you're reading this, you know what I mean). DH and I both ordered the crabcake platter with one crabcake, but the next time I will definitely order two - one to eat now, and one to take home. We will be back next summer, and I'm sure the place will be crowded during the height of the season, but it is totally worth it. The meal was great, from the fresh hot yeasty rolls with butter, to the salad bar (not much of a selection, but the bleu cheese dressing was marvelous), the super yummy crabcake, the large perfectly baked potato, to the fudge cake with butter cream frosting. DD had shrimp scampi with linguine, and a peanut butter panic. She also enjoyed her meal a lot.

We came home, and I fell into bed, but DD and DH went for a moonlit walk on the beach. They said the stars looked really great over the ocean, and they collected some shells, and watched the sand crabs scurrying around. Later, DH took me out to the ocean to see the stars, but it was overcast at 2AM.

The next day we ate cheerios for breakfast, went for a drive to OC, stopped to buy some things at a Food Lion, stopped to buy some swimming trunks for DH (he left his old trunks home, but he could have used a new pair anyway, as the old ones are at least 20 years old.) By the time we got back from shopping, we had some sandwiches for lunch, took a walk on the beach, and went to the Assateague Island VIsitor Center to watch a park ranger feed the fish. She put on a good presentation, showing the kids sea animals and letting them touch them. The horseshoe crab was the biggest one she showed, but she also had Conch, which is also called a Whelk or Sea Snail.

Anyway, it was fun, and it took me a few days to catch up on my sleep because DH was always waking me up. In a few more weeks, we'll be going to Swallows Falls in the Deep Creek Lake area.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sharitaki noodles

I don't like them. They are featured in a woman's magazine this month as a way of losing weight. They look and feel like rubber worms, and I don't relish eating them. I don't care if something is supposed to help me lose weight - it better taste okay. I'll stick with fruits and veggies, lean means, whole grains, and water before I use these to lose weight.

I'm only out $2.79 for this big package of wet noodles. They smell a little funky too. It's a fishy smell, and I don't like fishy. Oh, well, I'll just have to stick to a good diet to lose this weight and start walking regularly. There is no other way to go about it.

I applied for a part time job Monday. It's working with pre-K kids in the am, 3.5 hours per school day. I am anxious to start working again, but a little scared of the interview process. Hopefully, they will call me soon.