Thursday, July 31, 2008

98th post

Well, today I cut DD's hair and frosted it lightly. It looks better. She has a lot of hair, and it's very curly, so it's not easy to cut evenly. I did manage to make it look even though.

I have a few sewing projects I need to do - like make a handbag and make my own bra. It sounds hard, but I don't think it will be that difficult for me, as I have been sewing for years. I have the handbag fabric, but need to find the right bra fabric. I'll post a picture when I get the handbag finished. I hope to get it done tomorrow.

DD and I need to get over to the community college for placement testing and registration. They have a great curriculum that sounds like it is right up her alley. She takes loads of digital pictures and videos. The AA program is called Digital Media, and they have a 20 hour certificate program for Computer Graphics that she can start with, and use the courses from that to fulfill the AA degree in Digital Media. I'm excited for her, but DH keeps putting his 2 cents in. For example, I don't think she should start off taking math the first semester, but he thinks she should get it over with, especially since it is still fresh in her mind.

OTOH, I don't want her to get all discouraged because math is her least favorite subject. I almost want to lie to him and tell him they don't have an available class for her in math. I know I should not feel this way. She is only taking 2 courses this semester, and looking for a part time job.

Friday, July 25, 2008

RIP Mr. Mystic

Just wanted to acknowledge the passing of Mystic's husband. While I didn't really get to talk to him at the Niagara Peep meet, I feel somehow changed by his passing. I am frightened, I think, of sudden loss of family members.

Both of my parents have gone to the other side of the veil. I feel that they were ready for that transition. In both of their cases, they had been basically invalids for at least 5 years previous to their deaths. The quality of their lives was not very high.

Topped off with the dizzy spell I had on Friday, I decided that I need to make some changes to my habits to improve my health. I have had 2 days basically to myself. The laundry has been done on Monday. I did a favor to a friend by picking up her kids at the airport on Tuesday. I prodded DD to pack her things on Wednesday, and tried to catch up on my sleep. Yesterday I spent the day reading a book, giving myself a manicure, and just enjoying some me time.

Today is another day mostly to myself. DD is attending a Youth Conference at Mcdaniel College, which used to be Western Maryland College. It's located in Westminister, MD, which is not far from here. I hope she is enjoying her time there. She will be back tomorrow.

This week I researched on the net: Hydroponic gardening. I want to do this in my kitchen windowsill. I have a nice light source there and a shelf for it.

That research was prompted by the ad from Vitacost. They are selling the Aero Garden for $99.95, which is 50% off the normal price. I would love to have one, but I would only be willing to pay $30 at most, and I don't need the overhead light. So I looked it up on the net, and there are some systems being sold, and some people with some online instructions to make your own system. There are also lots of books for sale, both hardcopy and ebook instructions for sale. I will try to gather the supplies to make this system and try it out. I might not do it until August, though, because of the costs of buying materials. It's not a lot, really, but I have to keep the budget in line for July. The new billing period for my credit card begins August 4th, so after that I will be looking for the materials. I'm thinking I should check out the natural food stores to see if they sell any of the pots and other materials I will need.

Also researched this week: Natural hair dyes. I did not find enough consistent reviews on Naturtint to make a sound decision to buy this stuff, particularly the really blonde shade that I wanted to buy for DD. She tried to blonde her hair with Nice N Easy, and it did not do much, except to lighten her hair just a couple of shades. I told her we would put some blonde streaks in it next week with a Frost and Glow kit we already have, and that would be the best way to procede.

I also told her she could have it done professionally when she gets a job, so she could pay for the expense and upkeep herself. I don't want to buy one of the over the counter blonding kits only to have her wind up with orange hair. I know the Frost and Glow does work, because I've used it myself in the past.

I did buy some Revlon Colorsilk in an ash blonde shade for myself. I know that if I buy light brown, it will make my hair darker than I want, but ash blonde should be just right to match my roots up with the rest of my hair. I don't have that much gray yet, and my natural color is dark brown. I don't want to dye my hair dark brown, though, because it would make me look hard, like my sister looks with her too dark waist length hair. I think she really needs a good haircut. Fifty two is too old to be sporting waist length hair, IMO.

My hair color now is light brown with some blonde highlights. The last dye I used was a blonde shade and it matched my color well. The Colorsilk was on sale for $2.50, so I could not resist.

I also researched reviews for blonding products, but did not find any consistent reviews there, either.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Church Picnic

I guess it was really too hot for the picnic today. DH and I had bought 200 hotdogs, because last year they only bought 100, and we went through those really fast. There were many more people there last year and the year before. Some people left sooner because of the heat, too.

It was nice, though, and somewhat nicer because Cygnus and LC joined us. DH was cooking hotdogs, sweating it out over near the grill, like he usually does, and LC, Cyg, and I were just looking for a cool place to sit. That pavillion is smaller than I remembered. We did have a nice crowd to play water balloon catch, but we just sat and watched. Usually there are all kinds of games, but I guess it wasn't as well planned this year, or maybe because so many of the members were missing. A lot of the people were there without their other halves.

Anyway, that's out of the way, because we had to shop for the hotdogs, buns, and condiments. I made some cole slaw, and chopped some onions. We have quite a bit left over, which is okay, because I'm using it for dinner tomorrow. We are having turkey burgers cooked on the indoor grill, cole slaw, and Bush's baked beans. I'll grill the onions, and I have some small sweet peppers to grill, too.

Saturday for lunch we had grilled pizza on the indoor grill. I have to break a frozen pizza in half, but it is really good, quicker than baking in the oven, and I don't have to heat my kitchen up.

Happy Sunday, everyone! Cyg and LC, I hope you sell the house quickly, but I will miss having you nearby for "peep meets".