Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Change is good, sales are even better

Barack Obama is to be our next President. He is giving his first speech as President Elect as I am typing this.

I am proud of him. I wanted him to win. I believe in him. This is the first election that I have felt this way about any candidate. I hope he is up to the challenge in taking on this job.

Barack's kids are getting a new puppy! Woo Hoo!

Earlier today I went shopping for a pair of Naturalizer shoes. I had preselected them last week, and had to wait until today to purchase them, because my credit card cycle begins today. I was a little concerned that they might not be there in my size, but not only were they still there, but there was a "Senior Sale" I had to ask at what age do they consider someone to be a senior. Happily, the lady behind the cash register said age 55, so I told her I was 56. Then she asked to see my driver's license. Woo Hoo. I don't look my age.

Anyway, I got 15 percent off, so I saved $7.50. That was a nice reward for waiting to buy my shoes. The only problem is, I want to go back tomorrow to see if there is anything else at the Bonton I would like to buy on the Senior Sale. The sale is on for today and tomorrow only.

I took my DD to vote for the very first time. She and I are both elated because Barack Obama won. Yayyyy!