Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Waiting for some books from Amazon to arrive. Yesterday was President's day, and there was no mail, but I did receive a package from The Woman Within.

I had ordered 3 tops and 4 dresses. DH was home, and I gave him a little fashion show. Two of the dresses are really nice enough to wear to church. The other 2 are more like house dresses - or ones that I would wear because they are comfortable.

All of the clothing is knit, and I like that material. The picture of the purple dress is one of the nicer dresses, though it is in a beautiful blue green color. I like it very much, and I've ordered a lacy crocheted sweater that will look good over it.
We used a Restaurant.com certificate yesterday to go to the Bombay Grill on Market St. in Frederick. We took DD along, and we all enjoyed the lunch buffet. It was great, and the little walk down Market St was enjoyable, too. The parking at the meters is free on Federal Holidays.
We went past a couple of restaurants that have piqued my interest. One is a vegetarian restaurant, but it has other foods as well. It's called the Orchard. The other is across the street from The Orchard, and it's called the Tasting Room. Both have menus posted outside, so it gave DH a chance to see what they offer.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Another cold

Well, at least I haven't had a cold for almost 2 years before this one hit me, but I really don't like being infected with something that cuts my sleep short. Then one night, I could not wear the CPAP mask because my sinuses were totally blocked.

Well, I am almost well enough to be considered normal - almost. I can't wait until I stop having coughing fits or sneezing.

Today I went shopping at the Common Market, and on the way home, I decided to shop at the Dollar tree. The Common Market's prices are high on a lot of things, but the value for the meats is not too bad. For example, the ham steak is priced $3 more per pound, but it is boneless, and seems like much more meat than the regular kind. This brand is also nitrate free, so I know it is better for my family. I love the taste of it, too.

I also bought some organically raised chicken, and it was so tender and tasty the last time I cooked it, I totally felt it was worth the extra money.

The dollar store had quite a supplyof frozen strawberries, frozen peppers and onions for stir fry, and frozen meals that I buy for DD to cook for lunch. I think I am stretching a dollar there, but I am paying the extra dollars at the Common Market. I am hoping it will all balance out.