Monday, August 03, 2009

Sweet Note

When DH was rummaging around last week, he found a note from "Mom". He thought it was from his mother, but when I saw the handwriting, I knew right away it was from my own mother, written 3 days after my DD was born, back in 1990.

It is yellowed with age, written on the back of an envelope, and it gave me the warm fuzzies. Here it is:

"Hi There, 3-13-90

This is something I thought you might like to put with the baby's prints. I found it about a week before I went into the hospital and meant to give it to you when you were here.

Anyway, Love Mom

I can see both of you in the baby's picture."

Yep, that was my mother. She and I did not get along sometimes, but I really appreciate this note, now even more because mom passed away in 2007. The item she was referring to in the note was the black footprint they took when I was born. So all this time I've been passing for white, hahaha!

Speaking of White, we went to the annual White family reunion. The family is still growing, and the parking lot (a weedy lawn) was filled to capacity. We got there just a little late because of getting lost. We were driving down an unknown road, but thought we were going in the right direction. We stopped and asked a man how to get to Mummasburg road, and he chuckled.

Man: "You're on Mummasburg Road!"

Me: "Oh good! Thanks!" *blush*

More later, because I really need to get to the gym.