Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lucky Corner Vietnamese

Well, we finally found a restaurant that we really can rave about here in Frederick. It's called the Lucky Corner Vietnamese.

Since was having a sale on certificates at 90 percent off, I used the opportunity to buy 16 certificates, and the Lucky Corner was one of them. It is in downtown Frederick, about a 5 mile drive from where we live.

We started with shrimp spring rolls, which were both hot an delicious. We shared the 2, but I could have devoured 2 all by myself. It was 2 PM, and we were both hungry.

DH ordered the shrimp curry, and I had the chef's special chicken, which was supposed to be fashioned after General Tso's chicken. I've eaten in quite few chinese places in this town, but this was the absolute best I have ever tried. My chicken dish was very good, with lots of different veggies. I'm really into veggies, and it looked a lot healthier than any of the offerings of General Tso's chicken I've experienced in other restaurants anywhere. I ate about 2/3 of it, and only half of the white rice, so I took the rest home in a box. I deliberately saved some room for dessert, though the serving size was generous. It was spicy, and included broccoli, baby corn, cauliflower, red bell pepper, bok choy, and maybe a few other things I can't recall at the moment.

DH's curry shrimp was tremendous as well. He had quite a few shrimp in his dish, and they were in the 26 to a pound variety. He grabbed for the water frequently. His vegetable was green beans, and his dish was a little spicier than mine. I think I liked my dish better, but I do want to try new dishes each time I return here.

So we ordered dessert, and at first I was going to try the fried bananas, but I asked the waitress before she left what the chocolate truffle was like, and I changed my order to that. DH had ordered the pineapple sorbet. When it arrived, it was contained in a half of a baby pineapple shell. It was so cute, and dang it, I forgot my camera. I usually take pictures of every meal we eat, so I can remember our food.

Anyway, the chocolate truffle was more like a chocolate ice cream with vanilla center, coated with cocoa and small pieces of nut, accompanied by whipped cream and a cherry, which was placed on the flat dish that was holding the parfait dish containing the truffle. I enjoyed it immensely, and even let DH have a couple of bites. I tried his sorbet, and it was like a pina colada sorbet. You could taste the pineapple and coconut.

We ordered some chicken curry for DD, who decided to opt out and stay home. She missed out on dessert though. Her loss.

I went back to for more certificates while their 90 percent sale is still going on. They were out of stock for the $25 Lucky Corner certificates, but they still had the $10 certificates, so I ordered 4 of them to use during the coming year. You can use one per month, and you have a year to use them up.

The prices for thier food was also reasonable. Our total bill came to just under $35, with tip included and the certificate amount subtracted. We've paid at least 3 times that much for meals we didn't care for at premium restaurants. The atmosphere was just okay, but they made up for it with their friendliness.