Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hi Speed Internet

Yes, we will be getting high speed internet on Saturday, and I can hardly wait. Will I blog more? We'll just have to see. I imagine I will get through surfing a lot faster, so I'll have more time to blog.

We are all doing okay, but I have a hole in my sleep apnea mask, so I am waiting for delivery of a new mask this week. I hope I get used to this thing after that. I really have been tired. It might take me a few weeks to really get going with it. I have high hopes as usual.

This week my back has started hurting. I go to the doctor tomorrow morning, so I will mention it to her. I have this back massager that helps me somewhat, but I could not find it until today. I used it for a few minutes and it helped.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Time sure flies by quickly

I keep forgetting to blog, and to read other blogs. I've been busy - still trying to get my life in order. Well, not all of my life is a mess, just my house right now. I'm slowly getting the organization together. I went out to buy some more of the plastic boxes I have in my sewing room. They are a good size - hold 20 quarts. They seem to be only sold at Walmart, but when I got there a few weeks ago, they were sold out. I wound up at the Dollar General Store to buy 2 other sizes of clear boxes. I bought 8 files boxes, and now my patterns are looking better. I threw out the old cardboard pattern boxes. The file boxes only cost $4 each, so that wasn't so bad. I think they are more expensive at Walmart, although I bought one a few years ago for $1 at a Christmas clearance. It has red and green on the lid, but it's the same file box they usually sell for about $5 more.

Anyway, I also bought some other size boxes, sweater boxes, for $2.50 each. I bought 14 of those. When I checked out, one of the cashiers asked me if I was moving. I said, no, I'm staying. It will be easy to move stuff when we do move about 10 years from now.

I'm going shopping at Walmart tomorrow, so I will look for those 20 quart boxes, because I could use another 12 of those for the hall closets. They fit very nicely 3 across.

Happy New Year, and thanks for dropping by!!