Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Chocolate Pearl

Well, I have this ring that I bought a while ago. I purchased it from the internet, and it was an estate (read used) piece. It was 2 4mm pearls in a gold setting with 2 small diamonds. I hardly ever wore it because it was kind of boring.

Then one day I remembered the day and night pearl ring I used to have as a teenager. A BF had bought it for me. It was a going steady ring. Do kids do that anymore? Anyway, I gave it back to him when he broke up with me. He didn't ask for it back, but I just thought it was the right thing to do.

I decided it would be nice to have a day and night pearl ring again, but they are either expensive or hard to find. I took that 2 pearl ring, and colored one of the pearls with a black magic marker. Of course it looked tacky. I then decided I wanted to remove one of the pearls so I could replace one with a black pearl. I tugged at one of the pearls, but it did not budge at first. Then, in the process of wearing the ring, one of the pearls fell off. Wahla! Now I could replace one of pearls with a black one.

I then decided to look for a small black pearl online. It would have to be about the same size and round, not one of the fresh water pearls.

I did find a place that sold black pearls, but in the process of choosing a pearl, I decided I really liked the look of the chocolate colored pearls, so I ordered one to glue onto the ring. I'm not a professional jewelry maker or anything, so I'm a little apprehensive about doing this.

I ordered the chocolate pearl, but forgot to inspect the ring first. It turns out that I need a half drilled pearl, but I had ordered it not drilled at all. This would not do, so days after I had placed my order, I emailed them. My email system informed me the mail was undeliverable for some strange reason.

Much to my surprise, the company answered my email, telling me they would change the order. I am so excited. I can't wait to get my hands on my new pearl.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Community College

Today DD and I went to the Community College in our area for an orientation. We have already been through placement testing (last week), paid for tuition (over $700 for 2 courses), and bought books (218 total, 155 was for an elementary math book).

It was interesting to see the staff as they informed us of what to expect. The college president is a nice lady, who has a good presence. I need to be more like that. Lately I've been lacking some self-esteem. Anyway, the presentation was valuable.

Now, here's the thing. I want to apply for a position there at the college - one that seems to be right up my alley, but I have to convince them of that. The last 2 jobs I applied for told me I did not have any "secretarial experience", even though my days as an accounting technician was mosting typing reports, answering phones, filing and such. I disagreed, but decided not to call them on it. It just felt like I wasn't supposed to get that job.

This job is in the registration and transcript department. I would be doing lots of data entry, helping people register, and so on. It is a full time job, though, and I've been wanting just a part time position of 20 hours a week. I don't know if I can hack it, and take care of my house.

Anyway, getting a job there would mean DD's tuition is absolutely free. I would love that part, but I'm her ride to school, so she would have to possibly take a bus to or from school on some days. It would not hurt her to do this. She has a class on Monday night, and one on Friday morning. The job is mostly days, but there is one night until 7 PM.

I'm a bit nervous just thinking about the interview. I haven't worked in 19 years, even though I've done some computer work for the church in the interim, and I've worked as an elections judge.

I really think a better job is out there. I would love a part time job in the library, working at the circulation desk. I've seen them posted, but the timing has not been right. Maybe I should just wait. Most of the library circulation desk jobs are 17 to 20 hours a week and that would be just fine, except for maybe having to work weekends.

We just want DD to get used to going to school, so no job for her yet. She may be able to apply for Christmas jobs in October, because there are numerous opportunities right here in our neighborhood for that kind of work.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hair curlers

Last week in the Giant Eagle grocery store, I saw 2 women wearing hair curlers with kerchiefs over their heads. I thought that look went out when people started using hot rollers, blow dryers, and flat irons. What the heck?

Granted, I grew up in the 60's, and can remember when people did wear curlers in public. It just doesn't look right. It's almost as bad as wearing your pajamas in public.

Saturday, August 09, 2008


DD had a pretest on Tuesday, and then a practice test on Thursday. We received the results for the practice test yesterday in the mail, and they were good. I'm glad, because she has been studying the book for about 6 months now. She should know this stuff well enough to take the test.

Now all we have to do is fill out the application form, write out a check, and send it in to Baltimore before the 15th of August. They will let her take the GED the 2nd weekend in September, and we will get the results in October. By that time, she will be halfway through her first semester at Frederick Community College.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Family Reunion

Yesterday was the White Family Reunion in Mummasburg, PA at the Mummasburg Sportsmen's Club - which is a baseball field with a small building with bathrooms, kitchen, and a community room. The building is air conditioned, but this year we did not need it. It was so beautiful outside - perfect for the picnic.

Everyone brings something - like a potluck dinner. I usually love the fried chicken selection, but this year it was so much grease. Maybe I am not used to it anymore. I prefer skinless chicken these days anyway.

Things of note: One of my cousins has lost 120 pounds, motivated by a stroke she had. She is about 52 years old. She had always been heavy her whole life, but now is a more regular size. She almost lost her vision because of the stroke, and she loves to read, so it was a difficult situation for her.

Another thing: I started talking to cousin Nancy about my parent's estate. Dad died back in 2002, and my mother died last year in May, 2007. They had told me 14 years ago that I was the executor of their will. I don't know if that has changed at all. My brother told everyone, except me, that the house is his. It's probably just wishful thinking on his part, but I really need to know if I am supposed to be dividing up the property three ways - my sister had been living with him in the parental home, but they were not getting along the last time I heard. She always comes back there to roost when she can't manage to pay her rent or house payment. She has lost 2 homes to foreclosure through the years, and declared bankruptcy 2 times.

Anyway, neither one of them is good managing their money. My brother has had a stroke and is on disability. At least he has some income coming in. He used to be a junkie, and now he still indulges in marijuana.

My parents' old home is a mess. I would not want to live there for any amount of money, but it is a single family home that could fetch up to $150 if it was sold.

So cousin Nancy told me I must get in touch with my father's best friend and neighbor so I can find out the name of the lawyer who drew up the will. My brother has a copy of it in his safe, but we have not spoken about it. Frankly, I am a little afraid of my brother's temper, as I know he does not want to have "his home" taken away from him. Darn it all, my family could use the money. My DH is working overtime to pay for home repairs and the upcoming college tuition for DD.