Friday, October 30, 2009

Spring Vacation planning

Well, I've been looking at places to stay in Orem/Provo Utah this Spring, and now that I have the dates for DD's spring break (March 29th - April 4th), I guess we can start making reservations. I have a few places that are quite reasonable, and they are not actually hotel or motel rooms. They are apartment style rooms with full kitchens in a house. One place is right in Provo, where MIL lives, and the other is in Orem, which is right next to Provo. We are going out there to celebrate MIL's 90th birthday. Her birthday is actually on the 8th of April, but school is very important to DD, so I'm sure family will understand.

Now we also should figure out which classes DD will be taking, as that will impact our travel plans. This past semester, she to spread out her classes over the week, so she doesn't get into a crunch time with papers and projects all due on the same day. It has worked out well for her, and she's getting good grades. We will start the registration process this weekend, so we can be sure she has the classes she needs, and that we can choose our travel times according to her classes.

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Tummy said...

I'd love to be planning a Spring vacation right now. Sadly, I don't think 2010 holds any vacation plans in it's future for us. Guess I'll have to settle for some camping. Though, I might try to wrangle a trip to VA.

I'm glad the DD is doing well in school.