Monday, December 21, 2009

Delivering Christmas

I was given an assignment to deliver 5 bags of Christmas goodies. My "boss", if I could call her that, came over last evening to bring the bags, so I could take them to the Primary workers who live near me. I am the Primary Secretary, and my "boss" is the Primary President. We work at teaching the kids from ages 18 months to age twelve.

So today I had DH drive me to other people's houses. But first he needed to go to the church building and do some shoveling. The people in charge had asked him to come at 7 PM tonight, but he was afraid there would be a freeze over, and it would be too hard to remove the snow. We do have quite a few members who own snow blowers, but for some reason, they didn't think of using those. There is one in the church's shed, but they aren't sure where the key is.

So, DH drives past there earlier this morning to see what needs to be done, and some wonderful soul had already been there, and used a snow blower to clean off most of the walkways. DH took DD back to the building and they shovelled a little bit to make sure it was clear.

DH has been shovelling and blowing snow for the past 2 days. He could not take his snow blower to church because he uses an electric blower. That way, he doesn't have to worry about gas, but he would need an outside electric outlet to use it at church, or open up a window inside the building, with the cord hanging out. It's not the best way to clear up the snow.

We went to our first stop, and dropped off a bag to a young woman named Anna, who is 6 months pregnant. Her dogs were all excited, but I did not venture into her house. She said thanks a couple of times, and we left. Next stop - another duplex a few doors up from Anna's place. I knew the person, a widow named Sue, would most likely still be at work. Sue is a widow. I knocked, and heard more doggie excitement, but no Sue. I left the bag's handle draped over the door knob, with her Christmas card tucked into the door frame.

The next stop: Matt and Sue Ellen's apartment. Sue Ellen is one of the counselors working in Primary, and I had to drop off the Primary class rolls for this coming Sunday, as we will be traveling up to Cashtown for a family Christmas dinner. We visited with Matt, and Sue Ellen was still at work, because she works from 11AM until 7PM.

Then we drove over to a married couple's home to deliver 2 bags of goodies, because they both work in Primary. I knocked on the door, and there was no answer. However, the door swung open on it's own, and I left the bags and card right there next to the door. I think the wife was home, and she was probably occupied someplace in the house where she could not hear us knock.

So, the last place was a street close to home. When we arrived, we could see that the driveway had not been cleared off yet. I wondered if they were home. Well, they actually have 2 driveways, and neither one was clear. Then we saw Brenda in her neighbors driveway. I gave her the gift bag and card, and DH decided to help her clear one of her driveways. I have a bad shoulder, so I sat it out inside, while they cleared off the driveway.

DH is such a helper!

Anyway, my MIL called tonight to thank us for the candy we sent her. We always buy some candy from Rhebs, and we know the family likes it. We love it, too, and always have a box at Christmas.

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