Friday, October 30, 2009

Spring Vacation planning

Well, I've been looking at places to stay in Orem/Provo Utah this Spring, and now that I have the dates for DD's spring break (March 29th - April 4th), I guess we can start making reservations. I have a few places that are quite reasonable, and they are not actually hotel or motel rooms. They are apartment style rooms with full kitchens in a house. One place is right in Provo, where MIL lives, and the other is in Orem, which is right next to Provo. We are going out there to celebrate MIL's 90th birthday. Her birthday is actually on the 8th of April, but school is very important to DD, so I'm sure family will understand.

Now we also should figure out which classes DD will be taking, as that will impact our travel plans. This past semester, she to spread out her classes over the week, so she doesn't get into a crunch time with papers and projects all due on the same day. It has worked out well for her, and she's getting good grades. We will start the registration process this weekend, so we can be sure she has the classes she needs, and that we can choose our travel times according to her classes.

Friday, October 23, 2009


I've been reading Moss Hart's Act One. It's the rags to riches story of his journey to becoming one of Broadway's top playwrights. It's a good read, but I wish there was more. He died not long after writing it.

I've also read Kitty Carlisle's memoirs, Kitty. She was Moss Hart's wife. I saw quite a bit of her on television. I did not know that she sang, because I never saw her sing anything. She was on a popular game show.

In the Dark

For Tummy, I present a picture of a Wooly Bully.

The "In the Dark" title refers to us yesterday, and we didn't have tv or internet for a while, either. It just helped realize how much we depend on electricity. I think our next house will be solar, with maybe a windmill assist, if it all works out.

There are so many things you cannot do without electric power. Like get some decent sleep, because you rely on a CPAP machine, or vacuum you house, or turn on a fan, or the stove. You get the picture.

I'm glad it's back on now.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

First post of October

Because Tummy said so!

I've been kind of busy or tired or a bit of both. I'm doing okay most days, but the right knee joint and the left arm rotator cuff make me scream out sometimes. I've been asked to be a secretary for the kids group at church, so that is taking up my time as well. Not paid work, but I do enjoy data and reports.

The big problem came up my second Sunday on the job. My church has had a lot of families move into the area, and I don't know the kids' names. It's been frustrating. Some families are easy, because either the kids look like their parents, or all of the kids look somewhat alike, or sometimes both.

Made my doctor's appointment, and tried to switch from my ho-hum doctor to a nurse practioner, who seems to care more, but the lady at the desk said I could not do that. DH reminded me that I could, because he did it. I think the NP is busy, but the doctor is probably losing patients because of her table side manner. Oh, well, I'll need to get a referral for an endocrinologist and another for the joint problems anyway. I may shop around for some other doctor's office after the first of the year.

DD is doing great art work in her 2 art related classes, just like I knew she would. She's still nervous and anxious, though.