Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday Night Date

We went to The Main Cup for dinner tonight and the food was pretty good. I ordered the grilled Romaine wedges. DH ordered the Spinach salad, and then we shared an entree of crab cakes, red skinned mashed potatoes, and baby zucchini (which looked more like regular yellow squash to me.) The romaine wedge was just kind of boring and plain. The spinach salad was really good, and was large. It was a good thing we shared an entree, because there was so much food. The crab cakes were full of crab meat, not much filler, but they were dry. I used some tartar sauce with mine, and DH mixed his with the mashed potatoes. All in all, a nice meal. I had a piece of turtle cheesecake. It was delicious, but I only took 2 bites and took the rest home.

We'll go back again someday. It was a small homey place with a casual atmosphere. We enjoyed the spinach salad more than any other part of the meal. Next time I might try the quiche with fruit on the side. Menus can be found at I saw the kitchen on Cable channel 10 here in Frederick. A host named Todd goes to local eateries to try the food and talk to the chef and the owners of the restaurant. Although The Main Cup is basically a coffee place, the food is good, and we look forward to dining there every now and then. I love Middletown!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Still the same

Hopefully, I'll get over this cold/flu soon. I served leftover chili and rice tonight for dinner. I really need to go shopping, but haven't been feeling up to it yet.

We canceled our Dish network on February 9th, but received a bill for ongoing service today. The idiots didn't put the cancellation through and were going to charge our credit card again this month. I told them and they wanted their equipment back (everything except the dish). DH had thought those things were ours to keep because it would be like a cell phone. The phone is yours to keep after the contract is over. Well, he had sold them to his friend Phil at work, so he had to call and tell Phil we need them back. Now DH is mad at Dish. I don't understand why the person on the phone didn't tell me this during my first cancellation call. They must have problems training their people.

I got call number 3 from TV Guide tonight. Somehow I had signed up to receive their magazine, but I don't remember it. I didn't want to continue receiving it, so I told the first caller "No, I'm not interested in renewing." Well, they called again the next week, and again tonight. I told DH (who answered the phone at dinnertime) to tell them I won't take their call, but he just stood there all confused, so I took the phone, yelled, "Don't call me again." into it. Then I had to explain to DH why I would not take their calls. Maybe I'll sue.

TV guide is junk these days, anyway. They don't have full listings during the day, only prime time listings. They don't have late night listings, either. I can get free info on the net, so why subscribe?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Nora Roberts

Her hotel in Boonsboro burned down this week, but the stone walls are still standing. I don't know her and haven't read her books, but I feel for the people of the town. Some people lost their homes. I might go up there this spring for a visit. I love quaint little historic towns.

I managed to make a pot of chili for dinner, even though I'm still sick. My right ear hurts, and I hope it doesn't get worse. I hate having to take antibiotics. The chili was good. I made jasmine rice, because DH and DD love to eat their chili with rice.

Resolved: Post more blog entries

Yep. I'm going to try to post everyday. Right now I am trying to get over the stupid flu. I had my flu shot back in October, but I guess it was not effective. The head cold that accompanies it is making my diaphragm hurt from coughing and sneezing so hard and so much. I can't wait for it to go away. I still cook dinner every night, though I did serve pizza one night. I made some sourdough bread pizza and used up a Wolfgang Puck from the freezer downstairs. DH said he liked it. DD and I liked the sourdough pizza better, though.

Tonight I made steak with onions and brussel sprouts cooked in coconut oil, baked potatoes and green beans (DD won't eat brussel sprouts). DD was supposed to go to some church activity night where they served pizza, but it got cancelled because of the weather. We don't have snow, and the roads aren't too bad, but there is some ice. I am looking forward to spring now.

Now that we have the high speed there are so many things I have to do. I have to plan a trip, list some things on Craig's list for sale, and post my Office episode summaries on a site that will pay me for the traffic. I hope it is successful, because I would love the extra income, and don't want to go to work in an office. I'd rather do something creative.

I think I need to encourage DD to do something creative to make a living, too. She helped someone at church by illustrating a story for them, and they published it into a book for their family. It is really a cute book.

I told her I want us to do a book about our cat, Dusty Sneakers. She's excited about that, but she thinks we ought to call it "Dusty Sneakers: A Cat Tale". I'm not so sure about that title, but I haven't thought of a better one yet.