Monday, January 31, 2005

My Old BF is such a DAW

I googled his name and he is on so many websites because he is a world class pianist. I guess you could say we were BF/GF, because that is the way he described us when telling a story about us. Like the time I came over to dinner and he put toilet paper on the table instead of a napkin. That year one of his married friends gave him a huge package of napkins because he told her that story. In it, I was the GF, even though he and I never kissed or even held hands. We spent about 5 years just seeing each other at church and spending some time together at each other's apartments.

There was also a time in 1984 when I was house sitting for some friends of his. They were an older couple who took Neil under their wing, like an adopted son. They were so proud of him and his career. The wife had cancer and died in November of that year. It was sad, because her husband had retired and they were going to travel around a lot, but she was diagnosed with breast cancer soon after his retirement.

Anyway, Neil would come over to do his laundry. Normally, he would be the one to house sit for them, but he had some out of state concerts to perform, so he could not do it. He used up my detergent, and when I told him it was my detergent he had used, he brought over these mushrooms. I don't know why mushrooms, but that is what he did to repay me.

At that time, I had a room mate who was a PHD in Psychology. She was attractive and desparately looking for a husband. She was there one night at Neil's friend's house before I came home from work. I was hoping to have the house to myself, but she liked that location because it was closer to work for her. I wish she had stayed at my apartment, but then again, she was a real dizzy kind of woman, without common sense. Anyway, I showed her his picture and she smiled as though she liked what she saw. At the time, I thought, well, maybe these two would hit it off.

That night that Neil dropped by before I got home, she and he had a very interesting conversation which culminated with her asking him something very personal, especially for a first meeting. He was stunned and when I came he, he said "She's WEIRD!" under his breath. I was surprised when I found out later what she had said to him. She essentially asked him if he made himself happy, sexually speaking. Way to make an impression!

Other times, Neil would call me up to tell me funny stories. There was another roommate of mine who had a terrific crush on Neil. She would call him up, pretending to have called the wrong number, and then try to have a long conversation with him. One time, she was working down at the DC Temple, and the temple workers conspired to get her together with Neil during one of the ordinances where couples have to hold hands. She was saying, "This is like a dream come true!" But it was a nightmare for poor Neil. He really made me laugh when he told me that one.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Introducing Dusty Sneakers

Dusty Sneakers is our cat's name. He is a typical black short haired cat. He is spoiled by my 14 year old daughter, who carries him around like a rag doll. He eats Iam's kitten food, plus I cook chicken livers for him occasionally, or feed him canned corned beef. Lately he has turned up his nose at both, but seems to prefer to eat whatever meat we are having at mealtime, plus he loves popcorn and other munchies.

I recently gave him a pawicure (I coined a new word, Ha!). By that, I mean I covered his claws with Soft Paws, so he wouldn't continue to destroy my furniture, especially since he has started to claw up my kitchen cabinets when I or DD are getting his food ready for him. He just is so excited about the food, and I think that is why he does this. My other cats used to do it too, though. I guess it's just a natural thing for a cat to do, when he is waiting to chow down. He look pretty cool with his new blue claws.

DD can hold him while he sleeps, and he loves to cuddle. Of course, he has his mischeivous moments and he loves to play, but I've never seen a cat turn his mood on a dime like he does. He seems to have 2 speeds, fast and stop. He's so cute when he's on down time.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

It's snowing outside!

The first big one of the season, I think I can't decide to go out to the store, or wait until later. It's not snowing too hard, but sometimes the roads are slicker when it first starts snowing.

I hate forwarded emails!

I especially hate the emails that command me to send them on to everyone I know, or great women, or some such thing. I don't like them. Can't anyone just drop a line, letting me know how they are doing? The art of old fashioned correspondence can be carried on in emails, but I think I'm the only one who likes to write those kinds of emails. I guess that's why I'm blogging.

Also, I don't like the sappy lines like "Live everyday to it's fullest." Hey, I have a nice little life here. It's full. It's all good. I'm not taking anything for granted. I have a great husband, a good teenaged daughter who isn't into drugs, boys, or wild fashions. We're living in a great area, with the mountains nearby, in a cute little house. The house needs some work and additional storage space, but we will be doing those things and enjoying the aftermath of all our work. The ride to here was worth it. We lived in an apartment for 3 years, but we finally decided to buy something here instead of building further away from Darren's workplace. It still takes him an hour to get home from work everyday, but he has his garage, and we have all that we need. We just need to get it all organized. We also need some minor remodeling done, which we are working on now. It will be nice when we have the family room completely done.

I just realized the long list of to dos we have for this house. Replace the baseboard heaters with cove heaters. Replace all the windows, except for the one that has already been replaced, and perhaps the garage windows, which we haven't talked about. Replace the dining room and kitchen floors with tile flooring, the kind that clicks together like laminate flooring. Add cabinets to the dining room. Add two new linen cabinets, which we have already bought, to the main bathroom. The main bathroom will also get a new vanity, with one of those cute glass bowl sinks that I've been admiring. There will also be a new tri-view medicine cabinet, and a cabinet over the toilet. I've also bought a new brass towel bar, and plan on buying a brass toilet paper holder.

We also are updating the family room with new cabinets, and a formica countertop that will serve as a computer desk and home schooling work area for Caitlin. Darren has already installed the bookshelves against one wall, with the new cove heater just above them. He also wants to expand that room and put in a pellet stove.

There's more, but I'll stop there, except to mention that the house doesn't have a deck yet. I am looking forward to that addition in the next few years, if we can afford it.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Started the South Beach Diet Friday

Then I had a very tough day Saturday, because I needed to go shopping at Sam's for some of the diet foods and I had to pick up prescriptions. DH decided to move the fridge that came with our house, and replace it with the one we had in our old house. I almost told him to forget it at one point, because he was having problems with getting it on the dolly, and getting dirt on the carpet, and having to take the door off the fridge to get it downstairs. After all is said and done, though, I am happier with the bigger fridge. It has 4 cubic feet more space at 22 cubic feet.

Anyway, thank goodness that is over.

I received a call from my Aunt Jean just as I was starting dinner. She told me that Uncle Ralph had passed away. He was 84 and in poor health, so the family thinks it is for the best. I told her I would be there for the funeral Wednesday, and I am going to try to make it. If it snows, however, I won't be making the trip. I didn't know Uncle Ralph that well, but I want to be there for my Aunt Mary, his wife, and his daughters. My Aunt Mary and Uncle Ralph were married 62 years, had 4 children, 2 boys, Jim, who died in Vietnam at the tender age of 18, and Ralph, who died of a brain aneyrism (sp?) at the age of 36, and 2 girls, Linda and Sharon, who have survived their brothers and father.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

All this because of Lisa Pooh!

Okay, so I wanted to leave a comment on Pooh's blog, but had to register first. I have to go back to make the comment.

I received an interesting call from one of my Aunts from PA. She had been leaving messages on my old cell phone number (it's been a year since it was turned off, and I thought no one would call me there anymore because they can reach me at home). I pity the poor soul who got my old number because she was calling about my other Aunt dying. Aunt Frances was in her upper 80's and died of leukemia. The Aunt who called me, Aunt Jean, told me the scorecard on leukemia in the family - 3 Aunts (sisters) and one of their nephews. My dad's family had 11 children, so there are a lot of us at the family gatherings, including funerals. Unfortunately I missed this one, not that I like attending funerals or anything.

The last one I attended up there was for my Uncle Rich (married to my dad's sister Virginia). I felt a little self conscious as I placed the plant I bought on the shelf over the coat rack. I felt like a zillion eyes were watching me. I guess it wasn't that many, but maybe like 200 eyes, or more. The people in PA mostly live near each other, and grew up together, while my family left PA to live in Baltimore, where there were more jobs available. In my later years, I found out that my mother moved us away from a situation where my father had cheated on her. *sigh* Sometimes there is family stuff that I'd rather not know.

Still, my mother stayed with dad, all the while making his life as miserable as she could. He's passed on now, and she is not in the greatest of health. She has foot ulcers on her right foot, a problem with a blockage in her heart, and I'm afraid that she might have to have the right leg amputated. The left leg is already gone below the knee, so I just feel a little freaked out about it, but her heart problem maybe a more serious problem than the leg.

My Uncle Ralph, married to my dad's sister Mary, is in critical condition, and there might be another funeral very soon. He has bone cancer, diabetes, and a few other problems, one with internal bleeding, so he isn't expected to live long. My Aunt Mary is resigned to this, and doesn't want to attach a feeding tube to him, but her daughter has other ideas about him recovering and all. It's hard to let go sometimes, but a cancer patient suffers so much pain that it is better that they pass on out of this world, IMHO.