Saturday, February 25, 2006

Well, the 3rd bedroom is now settled, except we really need to get a new mattress to make the bed more comfortable. DH and I had a furniture moving contest. I won in the end, with the best configuration. He kindly conceded that my furniture placement was the best arrangement. *Whew* On a side note, I had to move the stuff without the furniture sliders I bought because he lost them. *grumble* He can't borrow my stuff anymore.

DD and I had a few laughs Thursday morning when she described going to the bathroom at a residence with thin walls. She was making gassy sounds and was embarrassed because she knew they could hear her in the next room. She could hear the sound of chalk writing on the blackboard, so she knew they could hear her!

I'll be back with more later. Have to go out the door.

Friday, February 10, 2006

I'm getting the 2nd bedroom ready for the bedroom furniture. Currently I use my computer in this room and it has my sewing supplies in it, but we will be moving the computer to the family room by Saturday and using this room as a bedroom. I guess I should call it the 3rd bedroom, but it's the 2nd bedroom upstairs. Our 3rd bedroom is downstairs where my DD sleeps. She is happy that we bought a house with a downstairs bedroom. She has more privacy that way. She also has her very own bathroom, and the family room is right outside her bedroom. She could sneak out at night if she was ever that kind of kid, because there is a sliding glass door in the family room. The family room is also connected to the garage, but I doubt if she could sneak out that way since the garage door is right below our bedroom. Anyway, she is a good kid, and I trust her.

I need the extra bedroom to sleep in sometimes, as it gets noisy in our bedroom with my husband's snoring most nights. I sleep better when I sleep alone. I know a lot of couples who have separate bedrooms for the same reason. I love him, but the noise can be a bit too loud at times. I know I snore too, but that is because I carry around too much extra weight, which is the result of not being able to sleep. I am looking forward to snoozing blissfully soon.

If you're reading this, have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

We went to church on Sunday, and after Sacrament my DH told me a friend's husband has terminal cancer. We knew he had cancer, but held out the hope that he would recover with chemo. I sat there and cried while people walked past me on their way to Sunday school classes.

I feel for this family. My daughter likes to hang out with their daughter, who is a year older than my DD. They have so much in common because they both love video games and gameboy. It is a sad time for this family. I think the friend and her DH are only in their early 40's. They have a 17 year old daughter and a 12 year old son. My friend just got a job a few months ago working as a substitute Head Start teacher's aid. Her DH was a social worker in New York. Unfortunately, he has been sick a long time and lost a lot of weight. I don't think he was diagnosed correctly at first, thus, the cancer spread throughout his body.

At the baptism of his wife and 2 children, he sang "How Great Thou Art". I posted about this previously, I think. I will never forget the sound that resonated through that small room as he sang in his beautiful bass voice. I closed my eyes and could feel the deep vibrations. He has such a talent. He wants to be baptized into our church, also, but he is so very frail. He managed to sing at Christmas time - "O, Holy Night", but he was very, very weak. He still managed to belt out the song, starting weak, but ending strong. He had to have help while walking.

My DH told me that my friend's DH will be put into a nursing facility. I will continue to pray for him. I so hate cancer, and I hope someday we find a cure for it in all of it's horrible forms.

As for me, I am up with indigestion. That will teach me to eat chocolate and peanut butter late at night. I had a nice dinner - pork loin, red skinned potatoes, and green beans, and I definitely have my appetite back. I need to get the exercise equipment set up in the family room, so I am working on getting it cleared of other things. We thought we would have a bigger house, but wound up buying one that is smaller than the one we were going to build, so storage is still challenging. A friend of ours is giving us an exercise bike, so I need to get that set up to burn up some calories. I am so happy to be feeling better than I was last month, and I think more exercise will make me feel even better, and help with some of my health issues.

If you are reading this, what do you do for exercise? DD found out she has gained 20 pounds over the past year, so she is ready to start her exercise program.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

I got the flu a few weeks ago, one week after receiving a flu shot in the doctor's office. A friend says I didn't get it from the shot, but I'm not so sure. I don't usually get the flu. I will hesitate to get a shot next year, but then maybe I should to avoid the pandemic they are predicting. Thanks to Oprah, that's been something to think about. I guess it is better to be informed, but it sounds like even wealthy Oprah won't be able to get flu vaccine if there is a pandemic. The doctor's on her show said there will be a pandemic, it's just a matter of time.

DD needs to go to the doctor, today if possible, and DH stayed home from work to fix my van. I guess I will just have to play things by ear. I was hoping to go to a spanish restaurant that has tapas (appetizers). I bought a $10 certificate for $3 at