Monday, March 26, 2007

I love crabcakes

Anyone who knows me knows that I love crabcakes, so it was a nice birthday surprise to discover a place just a few miles up the road from me that not only have great crabcakes, but also good cream of crab soup. I have driven past this restaurant many times, on the way to the Middletown library, and never realized there was a nice place there.

Well, I drug DD there for the first taste testing on my birthday, the 22nd. She ordered the grilled chicken sandwich with sides of mashed potato and zucchini, followed by fresh homemade peanut butter pie, one of her absolute favorites. I ordered the jumbo lumb crabmeat bisque, which I have previously called "cream of crab". I followed that with a jumbo lump crabcake, with sides of cucumber salad and rotini pasta salad. It was all good.

The next day a friend invited me to lunch, and we wound up back at the same restaurant. She spent part of her childhood in Frederick, but had never noticed this place, either. We both ordered the crab saute with tricolor peppers, and the small garden greens salad. The salad included a pretty fuschia colored edible flower. I think it was an orchid. I ate mine, but my friend did not.

I then threw the diet out of the window and ordered the cheesecake. She could not enjoy it, because it probably had wheat in the crust, and she's got celiac disease. It was excellent.

On Saturday, we spent a rather long morning at the DC Temple, and then headed over to the Hong Kong restaurant on Connecticut. The food is good there, but we think we prefer the Dynasty in Wheaton, if it's still there. All in all, it was a good deal, though, because the meal included lots of nice sized shrimp.

Well, back to the grind, and then we go on vacation.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spoiled DH

I ordered some hair products and some clothes this week, because I really need to update my closet and my hair needs something new. I have not been to a salon for a professional haircut in 7 years, and that was the only visit I have made since 1994. I have been doing my hair myself. I usually get compliments, so I know I've been doing something right.

A few months ago, I let someone else who said they had salon training cut DD's hair. I was having a time with it, but I had cut it and thinned it out. I didn't think it looked bad, as far as the cut was concerned, but this woman had me convinced she could make DD's hair look better. Well, I don't like what she did, and we are letting it grow out. DD has thick wavy, curly hair that tends to frizz quite a bit. After that episode with the not so great haircut, we've decided to use a combination of hair gel and safflower oil. I buy the oil at the grocery store. It seems to tame her locks well enough, but I wanted to experiment, thus I purchased some new shampoos, conditioners, and styling products for the both of us.

I felt the need to try new things myself, so I bought some Bedhead Creative Genius, and some Nexxus Botanoil Shampoo that was recommended by some online friends. I used them the last time I shampooed, conditioned with Dove conditioner, and styled with the Bedhead CG. I like the way my hair looks, but the Bedhead product is kind of stiff. Maybe I will use less of it the next time, or I will try one of the other product lines I purchased. I spent $40,and got enough hair stuff to last us about 6 months, provided that we like it. If we don't like it, we will let DH use it, because he has very short hair, and all he wants is shampoo and conditioner.

Anyway, all these purchases come out of my monthly budget, and I can handle it. My budget is a set amount, and I very seldom go over the limit. He looked at me and said, "Happy Birthday!" I said, "Happy Birthday? This is coming out of my budget."

Well, he just better not complain. I'd go to the beauty salon and charge it up big time if I really wanted to give myself a treat, but I don't know of a good stylist that I would really trust. That last haircut in 2000 was not all that great. I could easily do it at home, that's why I haven't been back. I don't want to be like a friend who just trusts the people at the Hair Cuttery with her hair.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Online Surveys

Most of them involve signing up for trial memberships, and then you have to cancel before a due date, or you will be charged. I'm thinking, no thanks, I don't need the measly amount of money they pay.

I used to belong to Pinecone Research and they paid $5 per survey, which was good, but I stopped doing their surveys regularly because I was missing a sound card, and that kept me from completing their surveys. It's a shame, because now I want to participate, but they are only taking people who respond to their banner ads, and those only show up every few months on certain websites. Oh, well.

I received all of the stuff I ordered this week, which includes 6 dresses, 4 tunic tops, denim capris, and a pant set. It all fits well, and I'm all set for the trip to Utah in April. I just need to figure out which dress I'm taking for church, and what kind of jacket to wear with it, also what shoes. It will still be cool out, especially in Utah in early April, so I have to be prepared.

I can't wait to eat out every night. Right now, I am cooking almost every night. Next Saturday, we take DD out for her birthday dinner. Tomorrow is actually her birthday, but we are celebrating next week at Chef Lin's buffet, which is not my favorite place, but the kids all like it.

On the 24th, we will attend the DC Temple, and DH will take me to the Hong Kong restaurant on Connecticut Ave in Kensington, which is really good. I love their food, so that's something to look forward to. I turn 55 on the 22nd. Yikes, I'm old!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

In the Light of Day

Okay, in the light of day, my kitchen looks so dirty. I have to change the curtains, wash the windows, clean the counter tops, wipe down the appliances, and wash the floor. Then I have the dining room to clean up, too. Maybe I'll tackle the kitchen first, then do the dining room tomorrow.

We didn't go to Seminary this morning, because we both weren't feeling so well. I thought schools would open later, because it was so cold out, only 2 degrees here. Oh, well, they opened the regular time.

I've been ordering lots of stuff online. I ordered clothing from Lane Bryant and Roamans, and hair stuff from The Salon site has 99 cent full sized products from Alagio, a product line I've never heard of before, but I did find one online review that praised one of their products. I can't wait to get the orders in the mail. I also ordered a small handbag from Walmart for 6 dollars with 97 cent shipping.